My Way to Healthy Gut

My name is Mariana Doria. I am a graduate communicator from the University of Lima, yoga instructor RYT 200h and health coach graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. From the age of 12 I suffered from cystic acne. My visits to the dermatologist were very frequent and despite my effort I never found a solution from the root. Diet, exercise and tons of pills were what I was suggested, but in my obsession for achieving the ideal appearance I tried many restrictive diets and various exercise routines. Nothing really worked until I decided to make several drastic changes in my diet, which little by little became a lifestyle.

My passion for gut health began in the summer of 2018, while I had some gastrointestinal problems even though I was following an "almost perfect" diet. I felt inflammated, did not digest well and had constipation. It was a frustrating moment because in my opinion I was eating "super healthy". It was not until I discovered the study of the human microbiome and decided to venture to know what was happening within me on a bacterial level. The results were amazing. Those healthy foods that I consumed in abundance were causing me harm because I did not have enough bacteria to digest them! From that moment, I decided to help more people to really discover the foods that they should be eating.

There is no single diet that works for everyone, nor an exercise routine. We are all so unique that a person's healthy food can be someone else's poison. Listen to your body and empower your bio-individuality!